Trip to London

In preparation to my flight out to Russia next week, I will be staying in London for the weekend to test out my new DSLR, the Nikon D5200, which I will be picking up from Argos tomorrow. If any of you are in the city on Friday or Saturday, feel free to come by and take a picture if you see me, I’ll mostly be chilling by Sloane Street, Bond Street and around Victoria station.

When I get back I will get started on my review of this new camera. Since it is my first DSLR, it will certainly take a while to get used to, so please forgive me for any terrible initial photos that you see appearing on my social media!

Keep a lookout on my Facebook and Instagram for photo updates during my trip – I will be uploading things from my phone and ipad.



Video of the week – Dirty Vibe by Skrillex, Diplo, CL, & G-Dragon

I have to apologize for the fact that I went out last night straight after finishing work, which is why I was unable to post the new video on the front page of AVY as scheduled (on Friday). It has even taken me all day to think of a new video to replace last weeks one – Crooked. After going through dozens of songs and changing my mind every five minutes, I have finally decided for the next song to be Dirty Vibe by Skrillex, Diplo, CL, & G-Dragon.

Dirty Vibe is a trap song produced by Skrillex and Diplo in collaboration with label-mates G-Dragon of BIGBANG and CL of 2NE1. The track was the result of Skrillex visiting the YG Entertainment headquarters in Seoul, which is the label that G-Dragon and CL are signed to.

Images of the collaborators hanging out

Images of the collaborators hanging out


Just as a reminder, keep in mind that the front page video is only accessible through a computer/laptop. If you are on a mobile device or a tablet, the video will not be displayed – in which case you can watch the M/V below!


“Dirty Vibe”
(with Diplo)
(feat. G-Dragon & CL)

얘 이름은 용이지 (His name is Dragon)
화나면 불이 나 (He’ll set up a fire when he gets pissed)
웬만하면(If you got no other name) call me G
I got the dirty vibe
You ain’t certified
You got the funny vibe
내가 세상을 흔들면 넌 (If I try to rock this world)
멀미 나 (you’ll get seasick)
그래 더럽게 (Yeah, we do it dirty)
We gon’ celebrate
Every fuckin day
나를 따라해 (They try to copy me)
그래 더럽게 (Yeah, they do it dirty)
그래 더럽게 (Do it dirty)
더 더럽게 (even dirtier)
Dirty vibe[CL:]
Seoul city
Hold up, you in the presence of a QUEEN
Ow! turnt up
All the pretty bitches love me
Mouth full of gold with them jheri curls
Stuntin’ in some Prince shit
Diamonds and Pearls
I’ll be on my worst behavior
Hold my purse
Runways and strip clubs
I’ll be making it work
Cuz, I’ll be 01 ’til I die
Middle finger up so high
Dirty vibe, dirty vibe
Jump on that (dirty vibe)

I don’t pop molly I rock microphones
Point it atcha girl, watch her ass sing along

Talk shit with the prettiest lips
Blow a kiss
Kick a hole in your speaker, and then split

Do it just for fun
I come second to none
Swervin’ in the lambo like a son of a gun

What you ain’t you ain’t know
I’m yo girl’s lesbian crush
She ain’t with you she be rollin’ my *dirty vibe*

GGGG-G to the D motherfucker
Who am I?
내가 서울이다 (I’m the Seoul city) motherfucker
But divin’ on C-momma
Its the beat on the come up
Get it, huh?
넌 그냥 이거나 먹어 (eat this, motherfucker)

더럽게 즐겨봐 다시 처음처럼 (enjoy it dirtily like the beginning)

G-Duh from the feet up
I’m as dirty as they could and there’s only one

Credits to Renla for the short song description, and azlyrcs for the lyrics to the song.

The Bond Street Boys – The life of a busking street dance crew

A few months ago I met a cool group of dancers on the streets of London whilst shopping at Bond Street. As entertaining street performers, I wanted to speak to them about what what their hobby entails, what it is like busking and what they hope to achieve. Enjoy!



Hey guys, would you like to introduce yourselves and tell us what you do?

Marley: We are the Bond Street boys and we are a group of dancers that do all various styles and just like to have fun and express ourselves when we get down.

Rui: Hey Alex, I’m César “THE SALAD” Silva, the nickname came from my crew brothers, cuz you pronounce my name like Caesar the salad, so it stayed. I’m a part time waiter full time freestyle dancer… My goal personally is to battle Laurent aka lil beast from les twins and Win – hes my idol. Goals as a crew are that I wanna make this group of “brothers” get to the top, and when I say top, to be a force to be reckon with… As Cosmic (Marley) wrote we like to freestyle and battle, so we gonna do all battles and stuff like that.

How did you come up with the name “The Bond Street Boys?”

Marley: When we first started doing shows with just me and two others (Sam and Lean) we introduced ourselves as a “group of dancers” and as we got more into street performing/busking we needed a name and Sam looked at the train station and said “what about the Bond Street boys” and it just stuck.

Bond Street tube station

Bond Street tube station

How many members are currently in the crew? – are there any plans to grow?

So far we have about 11 we hope it would stop their, but if necessary we will expand if there is someone who catches our eye or just interacts with us well.

Having street dance being your main occupation outside education/work, is  there a strict schedule that you follow, or do you just meet up whenever everyone is free?

Cuan: We do have set days on when we busk and they are Friday and Saturday, Sunday is 50/50 , on those days we start from 6:30 to until we cant dance anymore. During the holidays we discuss whether we should busk on that day or not (but still keeping our set busking days)

Is there any specific place where you practice new dance moves and choreography?

Marley: We train anywhere we can find , if the floor is reasonably flat we will use it but the places we go to train most of the Time are Stratford center and Southbank.

Rui: We usually practice in the streets cuz the vibe is just right.

The Bond Street Boys practicing their dance moves

The Bond Street Boys practicing their dance moves

What are your plans for 2015? – Do you have any competitions or battles coming up; perhaps videos for your YouTube channel?

At the beginning of the year we had a talk about the plans for 2015 and we will be setting up our YouTube channel as well as getting a new speaker… In addition to that we will be training hard trying gain new moves and up our level hopefully get to a high standard, we will be entering battles and competitions for example battles like ‘New Movements’ in August which is a while away.

How did you feel after having a dance off with Mandem on the wall, and are you ever going to have that rematch?

Marley: We were so honored as we use to watch them at home on our computer or laptop screens and laugh historically but to just meet them and battle them was an honor was really fun because they made us laugh and entertained us as well… If we bump into them we will go after a re-match and go after our ‘second victory’.

Rui: I didn’t battle Mandem on the Wall cuz i was in Portugal recording dance videos and spreading the crew name in my hometown (battle events and that).

Is presentation important during performances: For example the way you dress or interaction with the audience?  

Marley: For us yes, as well as expressing ourselves through the dance the type of clothes we wear does effect us, so we try to look as a good as we can when get down, however the clothes we wear also have to be comfortable, to help our performance and make our style stand out. As well as clothing interaction with the audience is also important as we want the audience to be comfortable with us as possible and we want them to feeling they’re also taking part in the show, this also stops them from getting bored as we always have them moving and having a good time, its also good thing in the sense that they will hopefully think of us when they leave and spread the word about us. Interaction is also good when you want to win over the ladies as well haha.

Kaner: We also rely on the crowd a lot in regards to the vibe they give off: the more enthusiasm and energy they give, the better and more hyped we get!!

Are there any dancers or performers that inspire you?

Kaner: Yes they are. We all have our own inspirations as our styles differ from one another. For example the two of the dancers that inspire me are mainly Bboy junior and Kujo.


Have there been any embarrassing moments during training or performances in front of an audience, and if so, what has been the most embarrassing one?

Marley: One embarrassing moment was when one of our members (Karim) went for a hand spring and landed but he ended up slipping and dropping backwards, landing on his but. Another embarrassing moment is Cuan’s (happy feet) spelling, it’s just… Bad, no other word but bad. The last embarrassing moment would be when our member Cesar (the salad) was introducing a show – he was supposed to say “hello London We are…” but because he can’t speak English properly he said “hello everyone, we are dancers, it is our passion, we do for money, and we love to move and etc.” we tried to hold the laughter in but with him doing that we couldn’t control ourselves.

Rui: I usually give matter to the most embarrassing moments. For instance, there was this once time we were busking and whilst I interacted with the crowd I dropped an iphone 6 – it was funny, and we enjoy ourselves.

Would you like to make any shout-outs to fans, friends or family?

Marley: Yep, this cosmic Shuriken, I’d like to give a shout to myself so when I’m reading this i just wanna ask myself… “What’s up marley”

Rui: Shoutout to PTM KARTEL 8500 PORTIMÃO, REPRESENT, OS INTOCAVEIS E OS PRETTY BOYZ, also to my camera crew in Portugal – soul brothers one love.


The Bond Street Boys logo

The Bond Street Boys logo



Thank you for reading guys. If you want to check them out, make sure to follow them on their Social media channels below!



Phen Holy – “First standard is simplicity”

You have gathered an impressive following of over 22,000 fans and 100,000 views on LOOKBOOK alone in just over a year, not to mention your other social networking profiles. How did you achieve this?
I am also surprised and happy because of this.  As you can see, normally I focus only on the outfits in my photos. Although there are not many changes in terms of the concepts, people have been supporting me for over a year since I joined Lookbook. I am thankful and really appreciate those who has subscribed and supported me.

Phen's Lookbook profile

Phen’s Lookbook profile

When going out to photo-shoot some of your style ideas for your fans, how do you find the perfect locations for background purposes – is it something that you look into prior to shooting or do you simply stumble upon certain places and then decide to take some photos there?
First standard is simplicity

Do you have any role models within the fashion industry, anyone that inspires you or you look up to?
I believe that “Hallyu” phenomenon (a phenomenon of Korean entertainment and popular culture rolling over the world with pop music, TV dramas, and movies) has strongly affected my personal gout. In terms of fashion, I do not have a lot of things in common with these “hallyu” stars, but I admire and learn from the fact that they have a professional team to take care of their outlooks – from airport fashion to performing clothes.

Left to right: GD, Lily Allen and TaeYang at Chanel S/S 2014 fashion show

Left to right: GD, Lily Allen and TaeYang at Chanel S/S 2014 fashion show

Do you have a favourite fashion house?

I am not in favor of any particular fashion brand. I prefer to “hunt” vintage and second-hand stuffs.

I noticed that some of your looks are named after Epik High’s (Koren alternative hip-hop group) songs, for example “Born Hater” and “Happen Ending”, not to mention other Korean artists’ such as G-Dragon, 2NE1 and Akdong Musician – are those looks inspired by the individual artists’ outfits in the music videos, or is that just a coincidence?
I am a YG lover (YG is an entertainment company managing a lot of famous artists, including 2NE1 and Bigbang). I am big fan of Bigbang band, I love most of their songs. However, naming my posts accordingly to their songs was just a coincidence as they were promoting their new album.


Born Hater look by Phen Holly

Born Hater look by Phen Holly

I really admire your ‘All Night’ and’Bright Dark’ looks. Do you have a favourite look amongst your personal collection, and could you explain the concept behind it? If you could have any one piece of clothing or accessory which you do not currently possess, which would it be and why?
I like most of my looks. Recently I am particularly satisfied with the looks of “17/1”, “25/12”, “21/12”, “Sotf Thinks”, “Got Back From Hell”…… As these looks are combinations of my most favorite items. The concept behind is simply just a black iron door. as I said, I like simple things when it sets off my outfits. I love the identity in my photos, thats why i rarely change the concept. I always want a coat whose length touches my ankles, and boots that are high up to my knees. Since I live in the South of Vietnam, which is hot most of the time. I do not have chances to wear these kinds of items.

Bright Dark look by Phen Holly

Bright Dark look by Phen Holly

Do you have any hobbies outside the fashion industry?
I also have a passion with music, but it is sad that I am not very good at singing. Lol.

What would be, in your eyes the perfect location/background for a photoshoot?
I think a simple concept, a background with things, which stand still such as: walls, doors, quiet streets. A combination between that and simple colors will make the outfit stand out.

Would you like to make any shoutouts to fans or friends?
I want to dedicate my thanks to all of those who have supported me for the whole time, and to the Asian fashion firms who have sponsored my clothes as well as accessories for my posts on Lookbook.


Go check Phen out on her Social Media channels!




Adidas Originals by Kanye West | YEEZY BOOST

Although this sneaker is blowing up, there are still quite a lot of people who haven’t heard of it, so I thought I’d share a quick intro video to it with you!



Christian Chou – Fashion Blogger and denim enthusiast

Hi there Christian, would you tell everyone at home who you are and what you do?
My name is Christian Chou, I was born in Tahiti but grew up in Sydney Australia most my life. I like to explore the world and things in related to adrenaline rushes. I have my personal blog – this is a blogpost of my outfits and hopefully inspiring those out there in need of ideas and how things can be somewhat worn differently. Fashion is my instant way of expressing who I am.

I am about to move to Amsterdam to go study Jeans at ROCcA in Amsterdam to pursue my career. I want to be able to have my own denim company and hopefully some of the money will go to charity with some of percentages earned. This is the reason why I have taken up blogging to get ideas to express those out there in this world.

How did you come up with the blog name “Dreams in Heaven”?
Dreams in Heaven started off the moment I decided to make up my Denim Company. It is still in progress. Things have not turned out the way it should of been. Which is why life is so strange – as things never turn out the way I want it to be! 😛
Dreams in Heaven is meant to be the steps and like a diary of my life working my ways to my dreams. Everyone has dreams and goals and I guess this is gonna be mine.

dreams in heaven

Dreams in Heaven blog banner


You have a very simplistic yet unique style about yourself – where do you get your inspiration from?
I usually get the style from just my head. I do of course get ideas from others as well when I am out in the street. Something so simple and probably old will just give me a switch in my brand to tell me thats valuable idea. I love vintage and I think I always try to get a vintage with modern twist. Lately I have turned myself I guess “swag” look. However I always love the urban alternative dressing. I always get ideas from just watching peoples dressing and thinking of ways on how the dressing could be different and I guess sometimes I just want to try things out. It can be bad or a good to others 🙂

What is your favourite outfit and why?
Hmmm my favourite outfit would probably be the latest one of the looks I have done called Hunt Club. That was probably the best photoshoot and the best outfit. So simple yet its just so me. It was basically what I wear in Winter when I was in Europe. However in Australia, Sydney here, it never really tends to get that cold. So thats also a Pro for us. I do have up and coming looks that I actually like too. But I will always love my sneakers too! 😛

christian chou hunt club 1

Hunt Club by Christian Chou

christian chou hunt club 2

There are countless fashion related events all around the world. If you could go to any fashion event in any country in the world, which event would it be, and/or which country would you most want to visit for its fashion?
I would like to go to a Fashion Weekend 😛 to be honest, I don’t usually go to any fashion events. The fashion events that I usually go to, are kinda more expos that is jeans related. Usually people never heard of Bread and Butter or Kingpin Show. But Fashion Weekend around the world following one after another and just sitting there watching would be a dream to come true. Would be even better if I took part of it and just sat there knowing to myself one day ‘that is one of my products”

I’ve been to several countries, I must say Swedish fashion is probably one of my favourite. English is also great however it can get quiet mainstream. I also do like the people in Germany their styles are just so fascinating. Denmark just has amazing style too and sneakers. I would love to go to NY and also South America to see their style. California I think would just have this nice refreshing feel to it.

What do you think of Kanye Wests new Adidas Yeezys – ugly or cool?
To be honest – when I read this question, I have no idea what it is. I still don’t 😛 its quiet bad considering I work in a sneaker store! I never knew or heard of it. I only heard of a collaboration with Adidas and Kayne West, never really saw it! So I googled it – if its the high tops it looks quiet cool, very different but not my style really. Probably for those that like that gangster swag look with baggy straight jeans.




Favourite fashion label?
I use to and still probably love Nudie Jeans. I love their denim, and love the fact its all organic and sustainable. The idea is just brilliant and how they are able to resew your jeans at the actual Nudie store too! 🙂 I think they have done well with the marketing and their constantly trying to grow as well!

Most expensive piece of clothing you own?
Probably my jeans or my TW Steel watch. I usually only spend lots of money of jeans as I feel its what gives people the figure. With skinny jeans for me it makes me look taller. As I am only 170cm tall 😛 As for sneakers I may have lots but thats cause I work in a sneaker store and get mad discounts. Won’t need to buy shoes for a very long time after I leave there! 🙂 As for tops and jumpers – I usually go to vintage stores, that way people won’t really have the same type of clothing as me and jumpers 😀

Punk or classy – which look do you prefer?
It depends on how I feel and where I go. I do love the classic look, the vintage look is always the best! Once you pull it off you can pull anything else off. With the punk look, never really tried to be honest. Probably when I was younger. I do like all type of styles. I believe everyone suits a type of genre and believe anyone can look good in anything as long as they put the outfit right! 🙂

Christian Chou - ▼▽ H&M BLACK ▽▼

Christian Chou – ▼▽ H&M BLACK ▽▼

Would you ever consider opening up your own clothing range?
YES! It would be a dream come true! And no I don’t want to be like those people that only start a brand and give up. I want it to have meaning, I want to help those around me out. Help those in need of fashion advice, shelter those with lack of clothing too! I know and I believe anything is possible and I believe I can make it succeed! However the funds and knowledge I lack of! So to those who want to make a business – you can try as hard as you want, but there won’t be any point if you don’t believe in yourself in succeeding.

Are there any upcoming collaborations or plans in general that you are planning could announce on AVY?
Hmmm – I don’t usually collaborate with brands too much – depends whether they catch my eyes on not. However I will try my best to always respond back to all those around. The reason being is cause life can be so busy and I am not a full time blogger and earning money from it. But my next up coming collaboration I have coming up is Pray for Paris. An English brand that has some pretty cool printed tees! Check them out guys!


Hope you guys enjoyed this interview! A big thank you to Christian for taking time to have this interview. Please check him out on his Social Media – links are below.





Front Page Video Update

As all of you know, the front page of AVY is home to music videos that I like to share with you guys.  From now on what I will be doing is changing the video once a week (every Friday evening to be precise) – starting today. In my previous videos, I featured several of G-Dragon’s and Tablo’s work. Today’s video spotlight will be Monster by Big Bang.

The M/V represents Big Bang’s struggles against media’s labeling them as ‘monsters’.

The cables represent media, and Big Bang members’ ‘normal’ self have a hard time running away from their monster-like identity (that the media portrays them as) because of the cables tangling.

You can see that the walls are labeled with codes and so are the members (ex. Seungri’s forehead, Daesung’s chest). this really signifies the ‘labeling’ part. no matter who they are (or strive to be) and no matter what path they choose, the codes are written already. it’s worsened by the fact that even if they don’t take the paths of their first choice, the alternate path is labeled anyway.

G-Dragon is out in the open in the midst of the bombing, and it’s clear that he’s the victim here because he’s not the one with the bombs. he’s the one being targeted. but he’s the one with the horn.

In one part, T.O.P is covered in darkness and only his eyes are shown. his identity is not cared for, and people cover him up to create their own vision of him. he’s not really a monster, but who cares?

There is also one part in which they are kicking down statues. That is them trying to break the stereotype of ‘standard beauty’ of music and trying their own styles. but that is frowned upon.

Every time they go into the darkness, they ‘transform’ into monsters (most notably in the case of Taeyang and Seungri); likewise, every time people push aside Big Bang’s true self in favor of the media’s portrayal of Big Bang, they become the ‘monsters’ that people fear and members themselves fear.

So in conclusion they run and run, but they can never escape. They will be monsters, perhaps forever, as long as darkness (public’s biased view) and traps of cables (media) exist.

English Translation:

(with individual parts)

It’s been a while since we’ve met
Your face looks good
You got prettier, you were always beautiful in my eyes

But today you look a bit different
You look especially a bit cold
Your eyes that look at me are filled with pity
In front of you, I seem smaller

I tried to be fine, trying to change the subject
Though I had so much I wanted to ask you

You cut me off right away
Your long hair flowing

As it hit my cheek and passed away
You turn away and left right away

If I try to catch you here, would that be too ridiculous?

Nothing comes to my mind
As you tremble, you take a step, two steps back
You say that I scare you now
You’re like a moon that makes me go crazy

I love you baby I’m not a monster
You know how I was in the past
When time passes, it’ll all disappear
Then you will know baby

I need you baby I’m not a monster
You know me so don’t leave like this
If even you throw me away, I will die
I’m not a monster

No matter what happens, let’s be forever
When we’re sad, when we’re happy, let’s go till the end
You don’t say that tomorrow
Let’s love like today is the last

A life without you is like an imprisonment for life
An extinction from the world to the point where I’d go crazy
Your existence is a chronic disease, a repitition of pain
You’re a lingering attachment in my heart

The people of the world have turned their backs against me
The corners of their eyes are all twisted up
The greatest pain to me,
Is the fact that you became the same as them

I love you baby I’m not a monster
You know how I was in the past
When time passes, it’ll all disappear
Then you will know baby

I need you baby I’m not a monster
You know me so don’t leave like this
If even you throw me away, I will die
I’m not a monster

Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t leave me
Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, it’s not like you
[Daesung] Getting farther away, love is breaking apart

Don’t find me, don’t find me, don’t find me, don’t look for me
The last, last, last image
[Taeyang] of me in front of you, Remember that, Don’t forget me

I love you baby I’m not a monster
You know how I was in the past
When time passes, it’ll all disappear
Then you will know baby

I need you baby I’m not a monster
You know me so don’t leave like this
If even you throw me away, I will die
I’m not a monster

I think I’m sick I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick I think I’m sick


(with individual parts)

Oraen-maniya mot bon sa-i geudaen eol-ku-ri chowa boyeo
Yeppeojyeot-da neon hangsang nae nunen wonrae kowah boyeo
Keunde oneul-ttara jo-geum talla boyeo yunanhi mwonka deo cha-gawo boyeo
Nareul boneun nunbichi dongjeonge kadeuk cha-isseo ne apeseo nan ja-ga boyeo

[T.O.P] Kwaehn-chanheun cheogaesseo daehwah-jujereul bakkwobeoryeo
[G-Dragon] Mudko shipeun ma-reun manheunde neon ttag jallabeoryeo
[T.O.P] Ne gin meorin challanggeoryeo nae bo-reul ttaerigon seuchyeojina
[G-Dragon] Dwiido-raseon godjang kabeoryeo yeo-giseo neol jabeumyeon useuwojina

Amu maldo tteo-oreuji anh-jyo tteolmyeonseo neon handu balchag dwiiro
Ijen nae-ga museopdan geu mal nal michike haneun neoran tal

I love you baby i’m not a monster
Neon al-janha yejeon nae moseubeul shi-gani chinamyeon sarajyeo beoril tende keu ttaen al tende baby

I need you baby i’m not a monster
Nal al-janha ireohke kajima neo majeo beorimyeon nan jugeobeoril tende i’m not a monster

Museun ili isseodo yeongwonhaja-go seulpeul ttaedo gippeul ttaedo kkeut-kkaji haja-go
You don’t say that tomorrow oneu-ri majimagin geotcheoreom sarang-haja-go

Neo eom-neun salmeun jongshinhyeong sesanggwah danjeoldwaeh dol jikyeon-giya
Neoran jonjae-neun gojilbyeong shiryeonye yeonsong ma-eum song miryeoniya

Sesangsaramdeu-ri nae-ge dollin deung modeun geo-shi bebe kkoyeoit-deon nun-chorideul
Nae-ge kajang keun apeumeun (apeumeun) ni-ga keudeul katajyeot-dan geotppun

I love you baby i’m not a monster
Neon al-janha yejeon nae moseubeul shi-gani chinamyeon sarajyeo beoril tende keu ttaen al tende baby

I need you baby i’m not a monster
Nal al-janha ireohke kajima neomajeo beorimyeon nan jugeobeoril tende i’m not a monster

Kajima kajima kajima tteonaji mara
Hajima hajima hajima neo katjianha
[Daesung] Meo-reojin chaero sarangeun geolleojin chaero
Chajjima chajjima chajjima nal chajji mara
Majimag majimag majimang ne ape seo i-nneun
[Taeyang] Nae moseubeul giyeo-khaejwo nari-jji marajwo

I love you baby i’m not a monster
Neon al-janha yejeon nae moseubeul shi-gani chinamyeon sarajyeo beoril tende keu ttaen al tende baby

I need you baby i’m not a monster
Nal al-janha ireohke kajima neo majeo beorimyeon nan jugeobeoril tende i’m not a monster

I think i’m sick i think i’m sick
I think i’m sick i think i’m sick

Translation Credits: pop!gasa
Romanizations by:
Meaning of ‘Monster’ song credits:

Moschino discovery

I have recently come across a new brand called Moschino. It is a fairly well known name in fashion but I have never really took any notice of it until now after seeing it popping up on my newsfeed more and more frequently. Jeremy Scott has recently become the creative director for the fashion house and released his first collection in Fall 2014. It is a very cool and innovative brand, which doesn’t come cheap. But if you want to spoil yourself and stand out, you know where to look!

I have included three example items from their store in the images below. Feel free to check them out at:

Rita Ora in Moschina top


moschino bomber jacket

Animalier Couture leopard print bomber jacket from the A/W 14 collection, currently at a discounted price of £280, down from £559.

moschino rihanna

Rihanna in Moschino bomber jacket


moschino belt logo leather hightop sneakers

Belt logo leather high-top sneakers




moschino appliqued quilted shell backpack

Moschino appliqued quilted shell backpack


moschino tshirt

Interview with Diana Horsfall: Fashion blogger and Creative Director of IFBK

Hi Diana, thank you for taking the time out to take this interview. Please tell us a little about yourself and what you do!

My name is Diana Horsfall , a style blogger , creative director and founder of IFBK from Kazakhstan. Currently live in Virginia. Love to travel, meet new people and love everything about Germany.

How did you get into fashion?

I always had interest to be a designer one day, but never had time to learn. My friends always said that I have a good taste and style. After moving from Germany to South Korea. I got inspired by people, and started my blog, later from hobby it grow to my daily job. I and my team create IFBK in Seoul, we still trying to run it, but it is quite hard because half of our team in US and another half in Korea. You can find more about us here

Do you have a weekly routine or schedule for writing your articles and photographing yourself?

Yes, I do. Because my blog is my job now. On the weekend, I and my husband plan my shootings for whole week. We do about 4-5 different outfits. Then I start to publish my articles from Monday till Friday. On the weekend, I’m free from blogging and social media. Relaxing days 😉

queen horsfall 2A lot of readers must be wondering – what camera do you use to capture your unique styles out on the streets?

Yes, some do. I use Canon Rebel t4i. And use different lenses for different situations: Canon 50 mm 1/7, 50 mm 1/4, 100 mm 2/8.

Do you have any upcoming announcements for your blog, or perhaps new pieces in your shop?

Not really, maybe that I’m planning to collaborate with Victoria’s Secret. This is quite exciting!

Where do you get the inspiration for your outfits from? – are there any other bloggers or fashion idols that you follow?

I spent about couple hours by the mirror by playing around with my clothes and then it comes something that I like and I will wear and shoot. When I was living in Korea, I got a lot of inspiration from Korean Street Style, but in America is quite hard to be inspired. Most of american bloggers just wear big brands and famous designers. In my opinion, it gets boring.
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Would you describe your style as (urban, classy, casual..)?

Feminine, Chic and Classy.

What would your advice be for people aspiring to make it in the fashion industry?

Follow your dreams. Never be scared to try.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing or accessory?

I think sunglasses and shoes!

queen horsfall 3

queen horsfall 10

Are there any plans to attend fashion events this year?

Yeah, I thought before that will go to NYFW (since I got some invitations), but now I decided to fly to Seoul and attend to Seoul Fashion Week. Really miss Korea.


Hope you enjoyed this quick interview with Diana as much as I did guys! Make sure to check her out on her social media to keep up to date with her latest trends! Go over to IFBK for more on the fashion community that is booming in Seoul right now!
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