March 1, 2015 alex

Versace Runway pieces

Since these jackets cannot be found any where else online (from my personal research) I thought it would be a nice idea to share them with you here. these are one-of-a-kind jackets from Versace runway shows. The first one being the more expensive of the two, standing at £17,000 is a leather bomber jacket with hand-stitched designs on the exterior – which proves to be quite heavy!

The second is more of a biker jacket design equivalent with gold studding all along the front and back, as well as more intricate designs on either side of the jacket sleeves  – I am not too sure on the pricing of this one as my memory has slightly faded, but I remember it being around £7,000-£9,000.

I have seen the pieces both times I visited the Sloane Street branch – neither one of them is on display at the London store but you are able to request to see them, there shouldn’t be any issues with them being able to bring them out for you.

Let me know what you think of these jackets, are they too flashy?



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