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Leng Yein – Asia’s #1 Female DJ

Leng Yein is a world renowned DJ, boasting 2.4 million fans on Facebook alone. She has featured in the likes of FHM Malaysia, Playboy, Maxim, ZOO and others. Alongside being a DJ, Leng is a model, actress, founder of a fashion line and the face of numerous charitable organizations.

FHM Cover Girl - Leng Lein

FHM Cover Girl – Leng Lein

Having a classical music background, how did you come across and transition into the role of a DJ? 

The money. I’m a realist, I have to pay the bills before I can do what I wish to do. So first thing first, pay the bills!

As many of your fans know, you are quite the workaholic. Not only do you DJ, but you’re an Ambassador for Razer, you have your own fashion line, an actress and are known as the “car queen” in Malaysia due to your extensive hosting of car shows around the world. How do you manage to juggle so much work around your busy schedule, and does it ever get too much for you?

I have 24 hours just like everyone else. But I don’t sleep too long hours, I don’t waste my time complaining about everything and everyone.  I don’t gossip, I don’t hang out with friends or do any hobbies anymore. I just work, and go home rest and work. As simple as that. In my free time I eat food that I wish to eat and play my piano or practice and update my social media and remixes – that’s all.
Leng Yein
Last year you released your album – Precious, which to those who don’t know, solely consists of instrumental piano songs, composed by yourself. Do you have any plans to continue with composing classical piano music, or will you be focusing on releasing tracks more orientated around your electronic music work, such as ‘Pump up the volume’? 
Yes I am working with Air Asia this year for my album and also I will be in California most of the time acting and Resident DJ in the states.
Are there any musicians that you personally follow and have influenced you in your career? 
I have been a pianist since 5 yrs old so music has always been around. I love classical musicians: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Yiruma, Richard Clayderman.
What advice would you give to other aspiring DJ’s around the world that are trying to reach stardom status?
Make sure that your crowd is happy. Every country, every crowd, every different continent, different age groups might like different songs, beats and styles. Be able to read the crow, move the crowd and make sure everyone goes home with a smile.


You have performed in many cities around the world. Which ones are your favourites and are there any that you haven’t visited yet, but would like to in the near future? 
Its different everywhere but my shows are all packed and sold out ones so it is all good. I love crazy crowds.
Whilst you are touring or traveling to events, what are the essentials that you have to bring with you, and do you have a crew that accompany you? 
Yes, I have to bring my assistant, my DJ gear. I have to have my big ass luggage with my comfy shoes and clothes and back pack, as well as beauty stuff, show pieces, posters and stickers for fans.


"A day tour around Hanoi in my bodyguards vehicle roving team with the carplate initials of LENG YEIN "

“A day tour around Hanoi in my bodyguards vehicle roving team with the carplate initials of LENG YEIN “

Do you have a favourite music artist that you personally like to play at events?
Martin Garrix, Borgeous, Borgore, Vinai, Dvbbs, Skrillex, Hardwell, Tiesto…A lot to actually name
You caught everyone’s attention when you added a Hummer H3 to your collection – sprayed pink and fully wrapped in a leopard print by Tom’s stickers. Seeing that you are very passionate about cars, are there any new car releases that you like the look of? 
I love muscle cars. New ones are smooth. I love it rough.

Leng Yein’s pink Hummer

You will be featuring in a fantasy film which is currently in post-production called ‘The Green Fairy’. Could you briefly outline the role and identiy of the character (Green Goddess) that you are portraying? 
My role is a goddess who can make men do whatever I want them to. Pretty much me in real life *laughs*
The Green Fairy film

The Green Fairy film


You can find Leng on the following Social Media networks:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lengyein

Instagram: https://instagram.com/lengyein

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lengyein

Tumblr: http://lengyein.tumblr.com/



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