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Four week challenge

In preparation for my trip to Russia at the start of March, I have decided to undertake a personal challenge. The goal is to gain 1kg each week – 4kg in total over the course of the next 4 weeks. Not sure how hard that will be as I have never tried this before, but we’ll see how it goes!

Day one is almost over – for lunch I made sirloin steak with spaghetti, spring onions, tomatoes and garlic bread. I am about to start cooking dinner now, which will be more oriental based – Noodles, chicken breast, stir fry veg pack.


day 1 cooking

day 1 food


It appears that I currently weigh in at 62.9kg. Hopefully I can reach around 64kg by the end of next week!


day 1 weight


My Spotify Playlist

I have just finished compiling a quick list of some of my favourite songs, feel free to give it a listen! It ranges from Kpop, to American alternative rock to R&B so no matter what your taste, I hope that you’ll find something that you will enjoy 🙂

I will be adding to the list as frequently as I possibly can – hopefully daily, so jeep a lookout for new tracks!

If there are any songs you would like to recommend, please mention them in the comments section below and I’ll have a look!


Inspired by T.O.P

joined look 2


Look inspired by Big Bang’s T.O.P.

Trousers: Zara

Glasses: Zara

Jacket: Monkey & Noose

Scarf: Hugo Boss

Shirt: Moss Bros

Sweater: Burton

Interviews with bloggers to come! (and an insight into LOOKBOOK)

I have arranged to interview a few prolific bloggers for you as well as newcomers to the fashion scene in the coming week from LOOKBOOK, so keep a look out as I will be conducting and posting each interview within the next few days!

For those of you who don’t really know what LOOKBOOK is, it really is “the global community for the fashion-conscious.” It is a great place to meet like-minded people and find inspiration for styles and trends. You can also share your own looks with others and interact with the community through the forums and expand your fanbase through it if you are a blogger or have a good unique style.

I would definitely recommend everyone to check it out at and you can find me at

If there are any specific personalities within the fashion industry that you would like me to interview, let me know in the comments section below!



New Discoveries

Everyone is always on the lookout for new designers and outlets, myself included. In this short piece I will outline two newly discovered street fashion stores, maybe you’ll like them too!

Online shopping is become more and more popular with each day. Why go out to your local shopping district where only a handful of items are on display, when you can stay in the comfort of your own home and pick out anything you desire from a whole collection?



These guys are very unique in what they do. I really haven’t seen anything else like it. Their words: “We live and breathe dark avant-garde and punk rock fashion” describe the brand perfectly. The brand works alongside various Asian designers to bring new ideas to the table of fashion. By scrolling through their lookbook, you will find various intricate designs that feature loosely fitted hoodies with oversized hoods, burnt fedoras and spike studded leather jackets just to name a few.

My first order with Virgin Blak was for some accessories, primarily rings, just to get to know the brand a little and see what their delivery was like. I was not left disappointed – the items arrived at the door on time and all were of good quality. I have placed a second order today for several items such as ripped jeans, hats and tops, all of which I will show you guys when they arrive on my express delivery!

The prices are very reasonable and most definitely competitive. Just keep in mind that delivery prices are now measured in the weight of your items, meaning that if you do live somewhere like Europe, it might get a little more costly.

If you are looking to stand out and your favorite colour is black, you know where to go!

The northern America located online store can be found at




Honestly, I didn’t know about Represent until yesterday, but I have to say, everything about them ticks my boxes. Great presentation of their clothing range, a simplistic yet gripping website design and capturing promotional videos.

The essence of this fashion house is elongated lengths as well as tapered denim which are beautifully crafted. Although the range of clothing is limited in comparison to many other outlets, every piece attracts; it doesn’t make you feel like something is unnecessary or unwanted. Everything has a purpose and it is clear that the whole collection is thought through vigorously.

Represent Clothing wont be to everyone’s liking, but if you like urban street-wear and casual yet attractive designs then you’ve come to the right place. My personal favourite is their Oblivion Long Bomber Jacket – Ivory from the Fury / SS15 collection. #

Prices are reasonable for the quality and uniqueness of each individual item, so I would definitely recommend you guys to take a look.

Check them out at:



My 5 paramountly desired designer jackets

I have decided to compile a list of my 5 favorite designer jackets for you guys to see. This includes both fairly new and older collections.

At number one we have the black and white checkered motorcycle jacket with epaulets from Yves Saint Laurent. This intricate design has been popular with kpop star Taeyeng who can be seen wearing it in the lower left image. The jacket can also be seen worn by G-Dragon in his 2013 MAMA performances.


Taeyang rocking a YSL ivory leather jacket alongside GD.




At number two, yet another item from Yves Saint Laurent, the Teddy Jacket in Red Virgin Wool and Black and Beige Cheetah Printed Cowhide. A very popular bomber jacket amongst various celebrities including Dara, Justin Bieber and Ne-Yo. The jacket can be found here.



NE-YO models the YSL Teddy Jacket.



Now that I have listed two YSL jackets in a row, it’s time for a change. I was watching Tablo’s ‘Tomorrow‘ music video featuring Taeyang a few months ago and spotted him wearing the Givenchy jacket from the F/W 2011 Collection. It features a Rottweiler print design with embroidered borders (the female version of the jacket features panthers), which was a primary inspiration behind the collection by Riccardo Tisci.


Taeyang features in Tablo’s music video for ‘Tomorrow’, wearing a Givenchy jacket from the F/W 2011 Collection


Fourth on the list is Chanel and the Vintage 80’s/90’s Chain Print Bomber Jacket, which it seems is sold in every color imaginable. Rihanna attended the 2012 Coachella Music Festival in a pink edition of the jacket whilst Miley Cyrus could be seen in the vintage black edition.

Trendsetters rocking the Chanel chain print bomber jackets

Trendsetters rocking the Chanel chain print bomber jackets


My fifth and final jacket comes from no other than Versace. This print camouflage jacket…I don’t know why I like it so much, maybe it’s because there’s a massive Versace logo stamped on the back in gold. Either way, this along with a hoodie would allow you to create a perfect street look which I love. The image below features Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) completing the look with his Chanel sunglasses and Giyongchy beanie.


gd versace 2


Hope you guys liked this post. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Are there any jackets that you desire?

The Chosen Ones Reborn

As many of you may have already heard, I have revived the Dota 2 roster of TCOs (The Chosen Ones). It took a while for me to gather the strength to manage a roster again after an unsuccessful last attempt, but things are looking good so far!

After carrying out trials over the course of last week I know maintain the main team under the name of The Chosen Ones PH (TCOsPH), which features the following players:

Kevin Andre Vera – Playing under the nickname “NVK”, Kevin is  one of the two supports of the team. He has been around the scene for the past 8 years since the Dota 1 days. A lot of you might know him as the ex-captain of Pacific2 Badboys team from Philippines.
Job Real Ramos – Portraying the carry role of the roster, Job goes by the name “Battousai” ingame, and has been part of MineskiInfinityCebu-iPT, Censored.Blaque and Arcanys Gaming, from which he departed from late last year in search of a new team.
Don Carlo Manalo – Carlo is our second support and simply goes by his own name “Carlo”. He has participated in numerous teams previous to this one, including Pacific Neolution and Pacific2 Badboys.
Sidney Ledesma – Our offlaner who goes by the pseudonym “neyzidney” has been in the scene since 2010, participating in teams such as Loseless, Its pro time, Blaque and Arcanys2.
Mark Salazar – A natural midlaner, Mark or “GoodCleanFun” as his fans call him is fairly new to the scene, having only competed in the scene for the past year. Like Job, Mark has also been a member of Arcanys gaming and now looks to prove himself in a new roster.

Since the inception of the team last week, we have been training everyday through scrims with other Asian teams. After only days of practice, the guys had already managed to dominate Execration and MSI, who are ranked amongst the top Philippine and South East Asian lineups.  (Screenshots of two games can be seen below)

execration jpeg

victory vs msi 2


A good start for sure. So far we have two tournaments lined up in our schedule – JoinDota League in which we will most likely be placed in division 3, and Razer NeXT which is due to start in a few weeks time. We plan to sign up to more tournaments along the way to help us improve and prepare for the bigger championships in the coming months, which will hopefully help us reach the qualifiers for The International 5 – the biggest tournament of the year.





Dota 2 Tournaments are thrilling because the game itself is quite balanced, especially now that Ice Frog has made several modifications. This is a battle of decision making and skills. These 2 important things as well as the following are the things you should improve to win most of your games and tournaments.

Learn your effective play-style

In Tournament games, you don’t have the time to be thinking of what play-style you should have. There’s no time for trial and error. You should know in your practices what works and what suits your team. If you go out there and play differently from your practice games, the only chance of winning is luck. You have to trust your practices and yourself. Yes, you are facing a stronger opponents but don’t be intimidated. Stick to your developed game style and just perform with your A-game.

Lead if you are the captain; Trust if you are a player.

Leaders have the greatest role in tournaments. They are the one who would decide what will be the team’s strategy and they are the one who would generate plans in most situations. Members can suggest but leaders should be the one to decide whether to accept or reject given suggestions. The main reason for this is to have a united attacks. If members would decide what to do on their own, the team would fall against an opposing team who are fighting as a team. In team games/sports, winning is decided by two things: better leader and better trust from members.

Prepare enough strategy

In most tournaments, your games can be watched by your next opponents. Having only 1 strategy means you’re already countered as soon as you’ve played your first game. Your opponents can wait for you in your favorite ganking areas and can simply ban your bread and butter heroes. Your worst opponents can even use your own strategy against you. If you’re joining a DotA 2 Tournament, it is a must to be unpredictable – This adds to their fear against you. How can they defend if they don’t know what tactics you have implemented in your attack?

Be ready to counter as many DotA 2 strategies as possible

Once you have an idea of what your opponent’s game plan will be, you should be prepared for that plan of action a week before, and execute your counter-plans against them during the game. Practice against better teams because it is through them that you’re going to know what strategies will surprise and beat you. Then formulate plans to win against those strategies and know which will work. When tournament day comes, you’ll be more confident because you’ve learned a lot and you are ready to face a lot of strategies that other teams may be planning.

Be comfortable in serious games

I had a problem back then. When I was playing games with money on the line, my game was suddenly changed from great to worse than noob. I learned to be comfortable when one time, I was asked to play a game against an unknown team. We defeated that team and after the game I found out that it was also a bet game, only this time I was unaware. Then, I realized that if I treat serious games not too seriously, my game is way better. It was the beginning of me winning bet games. I don’t know with you because certain factors may vary for you. You might be more comfortable when you are serious but the idea here is find out how you’ll become comfortable playing.

And, the last thing…Have Fun
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